Thursday, 21 November 2013


Gravity had a budget of $100 million and earned a total of $535,419,248 at box office. The film was Produced by Heyday Films, who have also produced the Harry Potter Franchise. So far, it has been released in 107 countries.

The film was directed by Alfonso Cuaron and distributed by Warner Bothers Pictures around the world. It was edited by Alfonso Cuaron and Mark Sanger with music by Steven Price who was also on the music team for Mr. Beans holiday.

The cast was of different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities, some American actors and some British actors. George Cloony and Sandra Bullock were already well known prior to the film, so was Phaldut Sharma who is known for his role in Eastenders. Ed Harris who does the voice control is known as taking on this role as he is also the voice of the army officer in black opps.

The variety in the cast helped to market and publisice the event around the UK and the US. The ethnic differenced also helped as it showed the variety causing a wider range of audience to watch the film.

Reviews posted about this film suggest it is a great film with an artistic vision that was thought to be lost in most recent movies. Although only released last month this year, there is already a confirmed sequel which is projected to attract double oscar success.

After the release of the film in Italy, it was released around the world and even translated into other languages after just a month of release, this just indicates how much of a success this film was as it went from strength to strength.

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